Feedback URLs

Generic URL

The basic URL is this:

Users sent to that URL will be redirected to a locale-based URL based on the HTTP headers their browser sends.

The locale-base URL version of this URL will show the product picker letting the user pick the product they want to leave feedback for.

However, you probably don’t want to use the Generic URL—you know what product you’re asking users to leave feedback for, so you should provide the product in the url.

Product URLs

Product urls have this form:

This allows you to specify the product and version.

The product is the slug of the product that is set up on Input. If you haven’t had your product set up on Input, you must do that first. Please file a bug.
Any string that represents the product version. e.g. 3.0, 33.1.1, etc.


Firefox desktop:

Firefox for Android:

Firefox OS:


If you’re writing an email, blog post, tweet, whatever and link to Input feedback form, you should specify the utm_source and utm_campaign querystring parameters. For example:

For example, you have a link in the Help menu of the product, you would probably use:


For example, if you wrote up a blog post on a blog called “Sam’s Dev Blog” asking people for their feedback because you’ve made some change, you would probably use:



When you specify utm_campaign the resulting feedback is considered non-organic feedback because you requested the feedback. This is distinguished from organic feedback where the user leaves feedback as they so desire.