Welcome to Fjord’s documentation!


Mozilla’s instance of Fjord has been decommissioned and replaced with an externally-managed product. This project is no longer actively maintained.

Fjord was the software that runs Mozilla Input. The site has two sides to it: one for gathering product feedback and user sentiment and the other for exposing that data and analytics on it. The Mozilla Input feedback site helps us understand what 450 million users are thinking and makes it possible for us to catch issues we wouldn’t otherwise be able to know about.

This is at heart a Django-powered site. It uses a MySQL database for data storage and an Elasticsearch cluster for search, analytics and facets.

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Part 2: Using the Site

Are you an Input user? This is the section for you!

Part 3: Maintaining The Site

Are you one of those super sekret gnomes that maintain the site through wintry blizzards and fiery summers? This is the section for you!